Golden Years

“Nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden years.” –David Bowie

When I was growing up, I frequently heard the term “Golden Years” used as a social euphemism regarding those who were ‘retired’.

“They worked hard and now they are enjoying the fruits of their labor in their Golden Years.”

Now that I have a foot in the door of my “Golden Years”, I notice that I don’t hear that expression used so much anymore.

  • Could it be that the term died out with David Bowie’s 1975 hit single, “Golden Years“?
  • Could it be that with the advent of the “Baby Boomer” generation coming into their retirement years, the reality is that in this day-and-age there is nothing “golden” about it… especially in light of the financial straits many Boomers are realizing in today’s economy.
  • Could it be that while our modern technology has brought about great advancements in the field of Health Care, allowing for people to live longer, that it has brought an entirely new set of circumstances upon the aged that they can neither afford or even desire?
  • Could it be that the reality of becoming the person one used to make fun of when they were young (which, IMO are the truly GOLDEN years) hits home and leaves a proverbial bitter taste in one’s mouth and heart?

Whatever the reason(s) may be, the truth of the matter lies in reality that growing old is no where near as enjoyable as growing up can be and was for most of us who are now entering our own “Golden Years”.



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