Presidential Election 2016

A friend of mine emailed me the following question;

“At this point, I think I’m not going to vote.  I don’t want to follow the lesser of two evils path, because both choices seem so horrible.  I don’t want to be culpable at all for what happens the next 4 years.  Do you think it’s wrong not to vote?”

In response, I wrote the following;

I did that once and then was very disappointed with the outcome. If you can live with the results without casting a vote, let your conscience be your guide. But I know from experience that if I fail to make a choice, then I have no room to complain about the results.

When I’m not pleased with the choices, I then need to consider what each party represents as a whole. As I believe I mentioned to you before, I was a Democrat up until God put it on my heart to deeply consider what principles they adhere to. I did this with both the Democratic and Republican party. Between the two, I found the basic principles of the Republican party align more to God’s will, than do the basic principles of Democratic party.

While I realize that government cannot and should not legislate morality, neither should it legislate immorality. To me, the latter is what the Democratic party has been doing — especially of late. Basically, I see the Democrats as people pleasers, simply for the sake of winning elections. They seemingly do not care about, nor desire to implement, practice, and encourage others to value the principles of morality, integrity, and conscience.

Just my thoughts,


Vote your conscience, but be sure to vote. If you’re tired of all the poor choices, get involved, run for office, even if it is something as simple as your local school board or city council. If you don’t become involved, you have no room to complain.




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