I’ve never understood why people like to “Ring in the New Year” via some sort of rowdy act of celebration.

When I was young and wild, I used to see New Year’s Eve as a reason to ‘party hardy‘. I celebrated because other people were celebrating. I partied because I liked to party.  Other than that, “ringing out the old and ringing in the new” seemed rather meaningless and pointless to me. For me, it was simply an excuse to party (like I really needed an excuse to party).

I didn’t write this post all in one sitting. I mentioned to someone I was talking with about plans for New Years Eve and my perspective on it today (as stated in the paragraph above). They completely agreed with me. Of course, this person was older, like myself, so maybe it’s an age thing. But in all truth, isn’t it just a ‘party thing’?

What do you think? Do you “ring in the New Year” on a fairly regular basis or not. Why or why not? Help me understand what it means to you and your basic perspective on it. Thanks.